Executive Coaching

I work with leaders to build sustainable ways of working in service of living into more of themselves.
I work with senior leaders, founders, those struggling with burnout, career change explorers, and those struggling to find and set boundaries.
I focus on overcoming challenges through the lens of development, not just performance. We work together to uncover the root challenge, and walk a development path that helps you build skillfulness and capacity to address what's in front of you. My aim is to not only support you in tapping your wisdom to navigate what is here now, it's also to cultivate your inner tools and resources that will help you navigate the next challenge, and the one after that.

I am a certified professional coach with experience using Nonviolent Communications (NVC), parts work, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing. 

I love the container Nalani creates. I always feel safe, seen and supported with whatever I come into our sessions with. Her presence and questions help me accept that despite uncertainty, I can still feel whole. I always seem to unfold with ease and make lots of new connections in our time together.

~Entrepreneur, Agency Founder

Nalani really helps to guide me through my own thoughts. As a PhD student, I often feel overwhelmed as I deal with a fire hose of information....she guides me through how to think about it [differently]. She provides a safe space for me to see which parts of my life are serving me and which aren't.

~Stanford PhD Student