About Nalani (she/her)

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I am a coach & creator supporting leaders in creating energy-giving relationships with work. 

Early in my career, I found myself in the middle of a toxic work environment, and ever since I’ve committed my work to helping other people not go through what I went through.

Our relationship with work and our work environments deeply influence our well-being, and I believe that our work lives can refuel us if we bring care and intention to crafting them. I believe that we each hold a responsibility to ourselves to lean into this possibility, while leaders hold power, influence, and responsibility to create the conditions for themselves and others to live this reality. 

In my work with leaders as an executive coach, I partner with clients to build generative, energy-giving relationships with work that fuel life holistically. I invite exploration below the surface to understand what’s at the root of what’s not serving you. I support clients in building awareness and skills that outlast the present challenge and keep on bearing fruit over the long term. I am a certified professional coach and in this work I lean on Nonviolent Communications (NVC), parts work, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing. Learn more about my coaching work here.

In my organizational work, I work with leaders to build and evolve organizational culture in deeper, more systematic ways. This includes working to reduce the distance between aspirational values and practiced values, while getting really honest about which are which (not just what we’d like to think is true).  

I have experience creating and leading teams in venture-backed start-ups, working with founders, and coaching leaders spanning from c-suite to first-time managers. I also have extensive experience working with those going through career transitions. My domain experience spans people ops & employee experience, talent development, experience design, and strategy consulting. 

A few things I'm personally working on in this season of life:  granting myself permission in areas I habitually hold back; discovering new expressions of self-love

A few things that are bringing me joy these days: slow solo walks in nature, spending time near water, working from coffee shops, watercolor painting and clay creations