About Nalani

I’m dancing along a path that explores how we can deepen into the ways we want to experience life.

My heart is particularly drawn to how our work environments influence our well-being. I believe that our work environments can refuel us, and that leaders have the influence, and responsibility, to create conditions for themselves and others to live this reality.

In my organizational work, I work with leaders on scaling culture and reducing the distance between aspirational and practiced values. I currently do this with the team at Chili Piper where I'm focused on building all things employee development, growth, and coaching as we scale.

In my work with individuals as an Executive Coach, I help clients overcome personal and professional challenges by developmentally expanding their ability to work with, and be with, the issue. This approach builds skills to address not just the issue at hand, but to face future issues that might stem from the same root. I also work with individuals seeking changes in their work or career that often stem from a misalignment of personal and organizational values.

A few things I'm personally working on these days: allowing myself permission to do and feel the things I historically dismissed as unproductive; fully turning off my phone for a few hours at a time; listening to what my body needs

A few things in life that are bringing me extra joy these days: drives down quiet rural roads, roasting marshmallows, knitting mittens, and (always) grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese so much I had it as an option at my wedding!