About Nalani

I am a student of the complexity of being human.

I am a certified professional coach with experience using Nonviolent Communications (NVC), parts work, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing. 

I am particularly drawn to how our work environments influence our well-being. I believe that our work environments can refuel us, and that leaders have the influence, and responsibility, to create conditions for themselves and others to live into this reality.

In my organizational work, I work with leaders on scaling culture and reducing the distance between aspirational and practiced values. I currently do this with the team at Chili Piper where I'm focused on building all things people development, and coaching as we scale.

In my work with individuals & leaders as an executive coach, I help clients move toward what they really want by exploring below the surface to understand what's in the way. My goal is to support clients in building developmental skillfulness and capacity that outlasts the present challenge, and allows them to uncover more of who they really are along the way.

A few things I'm personally working on these days:  granting myself permission in areas I hold back; cultivating connection with self-love; being present to the sounds, smells and sensations of the world around me.

A few things that are bringing me joy these days: drives down quiet rural roads, spending time near bodies of water, drafting interior design ideas